About Us


Our parent company Motorsport Wheels LLC was established in Dubai in 2004 to service the motor racing scene in the GCC region. Our many victories on the UAE’s race circuits along with our intimate knowledge of braking systems, suspension systems, fire suppression, wheel rims and chassis dynamics quickly led to our products and expertise being sought after by the many specialist vehicle armouring businesses located in the UAE.

Initially, we were obliged to satisfy our clients’ needs by offering existing products from various manufacturers, even if these products were never intended specifically for armoured vehicles, and therefore not optimal. This is not how we like to do things so we embarked upon an ambitious plan to develop our own range of MSW Armoured components.

In close cooperation with some of the world’s finest automotive parts manufacturers, MSW Armoured has developed a unique range of application specific heavy-duty components for armoured security vehicles that offer both superior performance and durability in the toughest conditions.

More than a decade later, MSW remains a privately owned company with an unrivalled reputation for technical excellence and customer service that is dedicated to offering only the finest and safest solutions to our clients.

Our Team Members