Market Leader

MSW Armoured has been serving the regions finest armoured and security and vehicle manufacturers since 2004 and is the market leader in the United Arab Emirates for specialist heavy-duty armoured components.


Build Quality

Build quality standards required of armoured vehicles is thankfully on the rise with MSW Armoured components being increasingly specified as standard specification by clients in the construction of their vehicles.


Unique Range

Our unique range of application specific components offers superior performance and durability with the aim of maximizing vehicle occupant safety.

MSW Armoured Brake Parts2-80

Brake Upgrades

MSW Armoured are the exclusive regional distributors for Alcon armoured braking systems which replace all OE braking components and deliver unparalleled braking performance – keeping the vehicle and its occupants safe in all conditions despite the vast increase in GVW.

We also offer an exclusive range of advanced high friction brake pads and brake discs from EBC Brakes for use with the OE calipers which offer real improvements in brake performance at a budget price.

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MSW Armoured Brake Parts-110Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle fires can have catastrophic consequences making fitment of an effective fire suppression systems an essential component of any armoured or security vehicle build.

In partnership with fire suppression specialist Lifeline Fire and Safety, MSW Armoured has developed a wide range of systems to suit any vehicle.

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MSW Armoured Brake Parts2-140Suspension

MSW Armoured do not prescribe to the one size fits all approach adopted by others as every vehicle is different, not only in terms of GVW but also in terms of weight distribution front/rear and centre of gravity.

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MSW Armoured BP_-15Wheels, Tyres & Runflat Systems

Armoured vehicles must retain mobility even if one or more tyres is deflated due to ballistic attack or terrain-related damage.

MSW Armoured has developed heavy-duty alloy wheel rims featuring an intentionally descrete OE style but with a TUV certified load rating of 1,600Kgs

We also offer low profile 2 and 3-piece dynamic Runflat systems with a range of 50Km and E-Rated 10-ply tyres specifically designed to cope with the high GVW of armoured cars.

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armoured chair

TEK Seating

MSW Armoured offer the ProTEK® range of seating which has been designed to offer unrivalled levels of functionality, flexibility and protection. The modular design offers numerous configurations to perfectly suit your specific requirements.

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Armored Car Parts in Dubai

Since 2004, MSW Armoured has been the leader in armored vehicle parts in the United Arab Emirates. As the first security vehicle component manufacturer in the region, we have grown to be one of the leaders in the market specializing exclusively in heavy-duty armoured car components.

No matter what your needs are for armored cars in Dubai and beyond, you can count on MSW for an application specific solution typically available from our large locally held stocks.

We are proud to be an industry leader that has elevated specifications and safety standards of every component that we offer to our clients  For all armoured car builds in the UAE you need to be certain you have the best parts available.

We take the time to inspect our parts and make certain they are able to pass our strict guidelines.

We know how important it is to maintain safety and quality, considering you want to protect both the asset and more importantly the lives of the occupants.

It is vital that should your vehicle come under attack, it remains operable and allows you to continue driving away from the scene to safety.

That is why we offer advanced brake upgrades, heavy-duty wheels, runflats, and fire suppression systems – the tools you need to keep running even when the tires on your vehicle have fully deflated.

Take the time to contact MSW Armoured and let us know your specific needs. Whether you need armoured wheels & tires or uprated brakes we can help you create the safest and most stable custom armoured car Dubai has to offer. We take pride in all of the work we do and our distinguished list of clients in UAE are proof that we continuously meet and exceed their expectations. This means protecting everything from the people inside who need to be protected to cargo that is at high risk.

Please do not hesitate to contact us